Tottenham star Eric Dier might have a ban when the season resumes. He shouldn’t.

Tottenham Hotspur star Eric Dier might have to wait a little longer than most when the football season eventually resumes.

Dier went into the enforced break under FA investigation after jumping into the stands following Tottenham’s FA Cup defeat to Norwich.

There was no violence on Dier’s part, although his actions looked confrontational at the time.

As the The Guardian reported after the events, Dier was looking to defend his younger brother in the stand, who was in an argument with a fellow supporter.

Manager Jose Mourinho said after the game it was unwise but understandable.

He said: “When somebody insults you and your family is there and your family gets involved with the person insulting you, in this case a younger brother, I think Eric did what we professionals we cannot do. But, I repeat, probably every one of us would do.”

The FA investigation is officially ongoing although no doubt paused, while football is on an enforced break.

Throw it out

When the FA return to re-assess this, it should be thrown out and forgotten about.

Dier did not hurt anybody, if anything he diffused a situation, and he also will understand from the furore it caused, that it was very unwise.

At a moment where a health crisis has prompted a stoppage of football over what is for many, a matter of life and death, the Dier incident looks totally trivial.

The FA would be within their rights to give Dier a telling off, a fine even, but to ban him from playing for a few games let alone weeks would be a tone deaf decision.

He has plenty of time to reflect right now. Don’t make him wait an extra period to return to the game on top of this.

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