TikTok has been going crazy with the alphabet challenge – but there’s more than one way to do it.

TikTok is a weird and wonderful place. The Vine of the 2020s, TikTok constantly provides us with weird and wonderful things to do, such as the Alphabet Challenge. 

We have seen dozens of different trends emerge on the platform since the world locked itself in doors.

The TikTok Savage Challenge saw participants throw it back to the musical stylings of Megan Thee Stalion. 

The TikTok Flip the Switch Challenge has had partners swapping clothes in hilarious fashion with Drake scoring the sketch.

HOW TO:Pull off the TikTok Savage Challenge

What is the TikTok Alphabet Challenge?

There’s no one answer to that. 

The #AlphabetChallenge tag is filled with tonnes of different takes on what it could be. 

Algorithms can’t decide what is the Alphabet Challenge so we are going to run through some of the different takes and rank our favourites. 

5th place: How low can you go?

One challenge sees participants do their damnedest writing the alphabet as small as possible. 

I was the last in my class in primary to be trusted with a pen so this gets the lowest score from me out of sheer bitterness.

4th place: Name them! 

This interactive filter, now seemingly vanished, is also known as the #alphabettest and invites participants to shout out a name, place, animal and thing. It’s harder than it looks.

This falls into fourth as we couldn’t find the interactive filter anywhere. RIP to the game you used to be.

3rd place: Are you flexible?

This variation sees people trying to contort themselves into each letter of the alphabet.

This has a lot of potential should people try it in groups.

2nd place: Did you catch that?

Second place goes to ‘I can say the alphabet in one second’. Impressive, right?

Can you go fast than a second?

1st place: Keep it going

First place goes to the one with the most potential. This variation has those involved hold a conversation where you have to start your sentence with the next letter. “Are you ok?”, “Brilliant, thanks, you?” “Cool, I’m great” etc.

This has heaps of potential. Set yourself restrictions, your conversation has to be on a certain topic, no hesitation. Go on, impress us, make yourself TikTok famous with the Alphabet Challenge.

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