The gang has gotten to the bottom of the pandemic, who dunnit?

The global health emergency has rocked our society to its core. When we should be spending out first afternoons in beer gardens we are instead cooped up indoors, doing our bit to ease the crisis. 

There are few positives to take from the pandemic but one is certainly the memes. When the world is going to pot, all you can do is keep smiling and keep laughing.

Social media has thrown up some fantastic content in recent weeks and months. We’re going to do our best to unpick and explain our favourite Coronavirus memes, one such is centered around everyone’s favourite mutt.

What is a Scooby Doo?

I can’t believe I’m having to type this but I fear Scooby Doo isn’t as integral a part of childhood as it was a decade or two ago.

Fingers crossed this is wasted energy and readers the world over are rolling their eyes, wondering, as I am, who on earth doesn’t know about Scooby Doo?

For the uninitiated: Scooby Doo is the single best canine detective of all time. Originally a cartoon, Scooby Doo is part of ‘the gang’, a group of people that roam around solving mysteries. 

Frankly, we’re still shocked that the 2002 Scooby Doo film didn’t win an Oscar.

What is the Scooby Doo Coronavirus meme?

One of the motifs of Scooby Doo was the big payoff at the end: the unmasking.

Freddie would have the villain bang to rights, usually tied up in rope of some sort, and he would rip off the scary monster’s mask to show that it was just Old Man Jenkins. It was always Old Man Jenkins, or Old Man Someone or Other.

The Scooby Doo Coronavirus meme has made light of who has the most to gain from the pandemic, with Freddie pulling off the virus’ guise, asking: ‘who’s really behind the coronavirus?’

We are in no way stoking conspiracy theories, I am merely a lowly entertainment writer with no medical nor epidemiological knowledge .

The best examples of the Scooby Doo Coronavirus meme

So, who has the most to gain?

We are big fans of this edition doing the rounds. When the panic buying hit people didn’t go straight for pasta or tinned veg, for some reason they all went for toilet paper.

Then when the pandemic got worse and we are all forced to work from home, a video chat service appeared seemingly from the shadows. Who can honestly say they’d heard of Zoom before we were all locked up?

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