People need their groceries delivered now and shops are adapting, what are the new Tesco online shopping rules?

The global health crisis has had an immense impact on our everyday lives, not least on how we shop. 

Panic buying has become a scourge of our society, leaving shelves empty and bellies hungry. Further to that, we are being urged to stay indoors and only leave the house when it is essential to do so.

As a result, more and more people are seeking the seemingly more reliable option of grocery delivery.

By getting your food delivered there is a feeling that you are more likely to get what you want and need without having to pull on your hazmat suit and head to the shops only to be disappointed. 

Why are Tesco changing their online shopping rules?

Tesco are having to change their online shopping rules due to unprecedented demand for slots.

The company are also altering the way we buy online in order to curtail selfish stockpilers. Seriously guys, just stop it. 

 What are the new Tesco online shopping rules?

Ok listen up and pay attention. Or is that read up? Who cares, there’s a pandemic on.

  • You can order a maximum of 80 items. Your basket will be capped at 80
  • You can order no more than three of each item (two of some items such as painkillers and toilet roll). 
  • Shopping will arrive bagged in order to reduce contact time with your delivery driver.
  • You are encouraged to buy in store if you are able to in order to free up delivery slots for the vulnerable.

How can you order from Tesco online?

Head over to

From there you can browse their grocery range and add what you want to your basket. 

However, you may need to be patient – the Tesco online shopping service is at capacity for the next few weeks.

So just remember, be patient, be kind and don’t be selfish. We’re all in this together folks. The sooner we all accept that, the sooner we can have each other over for barbecues.