Some PS4 fans want to know if crossplay is available on Sony’s console after being implemented for PC and Xbox One.

The multiplayer zombie shooter World War Z is currently free on the Epic Games Store with a 75% discount for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. This generous retail comes in celebration of crossplay finally being implemented for both PC and Xbox One, but PlayStation 4 fans are currently left in the dark wondering if and when they’ll receive the same multiplayer option.

World War Z was released back in 2019 and it received average-to-good reviews with many agreeing that it was a decent multiplayer game largely salvaged by its zombies. This is a compliment that pretty much stretches to the Brad Pitt flick as all anyone remembers about that dud of movie was its zombies piling atop of one another.

However, while average-to-good at best, the multiplayer experience does have its fans on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Crossplay is a feature that has been clamoured for since its launch last year, but Sony loyalists are still having to wait.

Is World War Z crossplay on PS4?

No, World War Z does not support crossplay on PS4.

Crossplay has become available for Xbox One and PC, but it’s yet to be implemented for Sony’s console.

Although this is disappointing for PS4 loyalists, Focus Home Interactive have promised that the multiplayer option will eventually become available on Sony’s system.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when crossplay will become available as the game’s Twitter page has only shared that it will arrive in a future update.

World War Z is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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