Even The Lego Movie is getting involved with the corona banter.

Being locked up in doors for any extended period of time can do strange things to a person.

You can go stir crazy, you can get cabin fever – we’ve all seen The Shining, right?

So what happens when collectively, as a nation, we do our best Jack Nicholson impression and have ourselves locked away for days, weeks, soon to be months on end?

We make light of the situation. We hop on social media and try and make a joke of the whole thing – the thing is obviously Coronavirus. 

We’re going to delve into some of our favourite pieces of meme culture to come from the pandemic. Let’s unpack the Everything is Cancelled meme, where The Lego Movie meets Coronavirus.

What is The Lego Movie?

Adorable is what it is. 

We all loved Lego as a kid. We loved it so much that they eventually did what they always do, they cashed in on our favourite childhood memories. 

The Lego Movie, released in 2014, is an animated film set in the Lego universe (who knew there was one?).

We follow ‘Emmett’, a normal Lego dude who is prophesied to be the saviour of the Lego world as he battles to stop Lord Business from glueing everybody into stasis. 

You read that right, Lord Business. The Lego Movie is the communist fable of our time.

What is the Everything is Cancelled meme?

One of the takeaways from The Lego Movie is the song Everything is Awesome.

This song has been adapted by a few people into the quarantine parody Everything is Cancelled

Devo Spice has one of the more popular versions, adapting the upbeat lyrics to highlight just how miserable we are.

If there’s one thing that Boomers don’t give us enough credit for it is our sophisticated dadaistic sense of humour. 

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when you’re part of a team

Everything is awesome, when you’re living out a dream

Has become..

Everything is cancelled, everything is closed ’cause we’re all quarantined

Everything is cancelled, ’cause of COVID-19

We loved this one. Nothing better than taking cheery kids stuff and darkening it up a bit. 

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