Who plays Jimmy Love in The English Game? James Harkness brings some football flair to Netflix

The English Game Fergus Suter And Jimmy Love

The English Game on Netflix tells the story of some of the key figures in the early days of professional football.

Netflix may be best known for creating blockbuster TV shows such as Stranger Things and The Witcher but thanks to its ever-growing global audience, the content on the streaming service has had to diversify.

That means we've seen the likes of docuseries, international films and TV series and, of course, a whole load of kids' content arrive on the streaming service.

One of the more eye-catching additions in recent weeks, particularly for sports fans, is The English Game. A historical drama that comes from the creator of Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes.

The series tells the stories of key individuals during the early years of football before the game became fully professional.

One of the main figures in the series is Jimmy Love but who exactly was he and who is he played by?

The English Game

The English Game is a six-part TV series that arrived on Netflix on March 20th, 2020.

It tells the stories several football players, at opposite ends of the class divide, just as the game is about to become professional.

One is Fergus Suter, a stonemason who arguably became the first-ever professional football player as well as Arthur Kinnaird (pictured below) and Jimmy Love and it is the latter who we are focusing on here.

The English Game - Netflix | Edward Holcroft as Arthur Kinnaird

Who was Jimmy Love?

Jimmy Love was Fergus Suter's teammate at Scottish club Partick and later Darwen.

Unlike Fergus Suter and series rival Arthur Kinnaird, not all that much is known about Jimmy Love.

The English Game suggests that both Jimmy and Fergus arrived at Darwen at the same time from Partick but, according to The Radio Times, in reality, Love joined Darwen first with Suter following him to Lancashire several weeks later after writing to Darwen's club secretary about the move. 

The English Game Fergus Suter And Jimmy Love

Who plays Jimmy Love in The English Game?

The actor playing Jimmy Love is James Harkness.

The Glasgow-born actor made his acting debut in 2012 and began his career with a pair of short film appearances before his breakthrough role came in 2014's series of Silent Witness.

Since then, he's gone on to appear in 20 films and TV show with the most major being 2015's Macbeth, where he appeared alongside Michael Fassbender, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the 2019 series The Victim.

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