Those hoping to buy a Nintendo Switch are wondering when it will restock and are also asking why it has seemingly sold out everywhere.

The Nintendo Switch is currently one of the most sought after consoles thanks to the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons as well as because of the current pandemic which forces us all to stay indoors and – at most – in our back garden. This has resulted in the console pretty much being sold out everywhere which has also resulted in third-party sellers trying to sell for ridiculously inflated prices. Although there’s no way of knowing when the console will exactly restock, here you’ll discover why it is sold out almost everywhere.

Although it has its limitations, the Nintendo Switch is a revered console alongside the PS4 and Xbox One because of its incredible array of exclusives such as Breath Of The Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and – of course – Animal Crossing New Horizons. There have been rumours of a pro variant in the making, but the CEO of Nintendo has confirmed that a new Switch model isn’t coming out in 2020.

Alas, while there’s no new Switch model coming out this year, it’s practically near impossible for gamers to buy the main Nintendo Switch right now thanks to it being sold out pretty much everywhere. Unless you want to pay a ridiculous price to buy from a third-party seller, your only hope is to wait for a restock.

When will the Nintendo Switch restock?

It’s impossible to know exactly when stores will restock the Nintendo Switch.

There have been educated predictions made online that a restock for the Nintendo Switch could take a month, but it’s also plausible that the wait could be shorter.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Nintendo said that the “hardware is selling out at various retail locations in the US, but more systems are on the way”. This sentiment was echoed in a near identical statement to Gamespot.

Slashgear notes that the Nintendo Switch Lite is being restocked at Amazon on April 14th, but there’s no restock notice for the main version of the console.

As for why restocks at Amazon will take awhile, it’s because Amazon are not accepting nonessential items to be shipped to their warehouse until April 5th. This is because they’re currently prioritising food and medical supplies.

Why is the Nintendo Switch sold out everywhere?

The main reason the Nintendo Switch is sold out almost everywhere is because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bloomberg estimated in February that the Nintendo Switch would be sold out almost everywhere come April, and this prediction has obviously materialised.

As for why Bloomberg were so sure, they reported that a “limited component supply coming out of China is affecting output at a Nintendo assembly partner’s factory in Vietnam”.

They noted that this is the location used to build consoles for the US, which meant that a “shortage of components this month would affect Switch units scheduled for arrival in April, after existing inventory and current shipments of the console have sold through”.

Although the wait for a Nintendo Switch console will be agonising with the globe on lockdown, it’s better to wait for them to be restocked as $500 prices from third-party sellers are obscene and not worth it. Either that, or you can try to get a Switch Lite while they remain in stock.