What is the TikTok distance dance? Locked-down Brits turn to tutorials!

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There's a new dance craze tearing up TikTok, but how do you do the distance dance?

TikTok has exploded recently and people being locked down indoors has only led more and more users to the social media site.

Many people now have plenty of time at home to practice dance crazes like the one Little Mix star Perrie Edwards and Liverpool ace Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain nailed earlier this month.

Another dance trend is sweeping across the app - but what is the distance dance? 


What is the TikTok distance dance?

TikTok star Charli D'Amelio started the craze.

She wanted to encourage people to stay at home and self-isolate, so she teamed up with P&G to put together a little competition.

D'Amelio said that P&G would donate to charities Feeding America and Matthew 25 for the first 3 million videos posted in response copying the dance.

It's the perfect way to have fun at home while also keeping your distance!

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Stay home & do the ##distancedance. Tag me & the hashtag in your video. P&G will donate to Feeding America & Matthew 25 for first 3M videos ##PGPartner

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TikTok: Distance dance tutorial

So how do you do the distance dance?

We've done our best to set out the steps of the routine below - that means you can follow along in your own TikTok videos!

  • Ask why? Hands up like the emoji which is confused
  • Push your hands down on top of each other like you're pressing a buzzer, lift the rest of your body up
  • The house - put your hands above your head in an inverted V
  • Cross your hands over before moving them back out to your side
  • Hand sweeping down out to your side
  • Push both hands out in front of you like you're telling someone to keep their distance
  • Hand sweeping out to alternate sides three times
  • Three body rolls
  • Hands alternating across the chest, almost like a heartbeat


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