The Peaky Blinders coronavirus meme captures quarantine mood - "no fighting!"

Peaky Blinders

The coronavirus-themed memes continue to roll out this month, as people continue to look for ways to entertain themselves online.

This might be one of our favourite Covid-19 memes to date, as not only is it one of the more accurate representations of how we all feel trapped indoors for the coming weeks, but it combines one of our fave shows!

We apologise in advance for the expletives. With a show like Peaky Blinders, it's kind of a given that there would be the odd "f***" chucked around, but this video goes above and beyond on the swearing front. 


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What is the Peaky Blinders coronavirus meme?

There are two coronavirus memes related to Peaky Blinders circulating. 

The first one sees Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) instructing his family that there will be "no f***ing fighting" and people comparing it to their families during quarantine. It is unconfirmed who created this meme first, but many took it as their own on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. 

The second uses the same scene, but it has been dubbed with someone talking about the coronavirus, using Tommy Shelby's accent. 

What Peaky Blinders episode is it from?

The featured scene is from season 3, episode 1. It is the episode which revolves around Tommy's wedding to Grace Burgess (Annabelle Wallis). 

Grace's family is comprised of many Irish members of the King’s British Army, who wear their uniforms to the wedding to aggravate the Shelby's. Tommy takes it upon himself to make it clear to the Shelby boys that there will be no fighting at the wedding. 

The scene has since become one of the most meme'd of all the Peaky Blinders moments. And it's hardly a surprise why!


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