Netflix: Where was Uncorked filmed? Locations range from Memphis to Paris

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Uncorked makes its debut on Netflix tomorrow (Friday, 27 March).

The film follows Elijah (Mamoudou Athie, Sorry For Your Loss), in his quest to become a master sommelier.

However, his father, Louis (Courtney B. Vance, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story), has earmarked Elijah to succeed him instead, as the head of the family's barbecue business. 

Discussing the plot to Food & Wine this week, the film's writer-director Prentice Penny explained: "Once I knew the father was going to run a BBQ stand, it felt interesting to pair him with wine.

"The ironic part is that food and wine are perfect pairings, but the father and the son aren’t."

Where was Uncorked filmed?

The film is shot in two primary locations, the identity of which - Memphis, Tennessee, and Paris, France - should come as little surprise given its focus on food (specifically, the barbecued variety) and wine.

Uncorked location: Memphis

Commercial Appeal reports that Penny considered Kansas City, Missouri, Austin, Texas and North Carolina as possible locations - before he visited Memphis.

"Memphis was the logical choice," Penny told the website. "Not only is it a capital of barbecue, so much of the fabric of American life is rooted in Memphis. The city has had such a rich impact, not just on American culture but on African-American culture."

Specific filming sites include Memphis International Airport; the Hutchison School; the C.C. Entertainment Center; the East End Skating Center; the Keith's Farm/Fayette Packing Co. meat storehouse in Eads; the West Clinic; the Woodland Tree Service lumber yard; and Downtown's Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar.

For the restaurant (Papa's Kitchen Bar-B-Q), they rehabbed an empty space on Elvis Presley Boulevard, once home to a popular 1950s and '60s diner, Chenault's. "It had all the texture and peeled paint and the feeling of layers of history, which is what we were looking for," the film's location manager Nicki Newburger told Commerical Appeal.

"People would show up and think it was an actual restaurant and be disappointed because we would have to turn them away," he added.

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Uncorked location: Paris

All but five days of filming took place in Mephis, with the remainder taking place across the Atlantic in France.

Locations there include the Musée d'Orsay, in Paris, and the famous wine-making town of Chablis, around two hours' drive south-east of the capital.

"A lot of movies with white casts, everybody goes to London or everybody is in Paris," Penny explained. "I don't ever seen people of color travel internationally in movies, unless it's a spy movie.

"So, to me, to have a movie where an African-American man from Memphis, all of the sudden now he's biking in Paris or going through the Musée d'Orsay and looking at priceless works of art by Monet and Ceanne — on camera, that becomes so powerful. Without saying 'Here's a message,' it gets the point across."

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How to watch Uncorked on Netflix

To access the streaming service, you will need either a smart TV, phone, tablet or console with connection to the internet.

Then simply download Netflix and subscribe to one of its various package options.

Uncorked, which has a running time of 104 minutes, will be available to watch from Friday.

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