Leeds United owner Andrea Radizzani says his focus is solely on the Whites right now.

Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani says he considered two opportunities to invest in Italian clubs while at the Whites.

Speaking to Gianluca di Marzio, Radrizzani said that he was tempted last summer by Palermo.

The first opportunity came in 2018 when the opportunity to help struggling Bari was floated.


Radrizzani said it was bad timing and he wanted to concentrate on Leeds.

Last summer he says he considered Palermo more strongly, but financially it was not viable for him.

He said: “In Bari’s case maybe it was too early, it was after my first year at Leeds and I decided to keep all my energy on this club.

“In Palermo this [past] summer I was interested in the opportunity but the times were tight. But right now I want to go to the Premier League and I just think about that.”

It is understandable Radrizzani considered his options for a moment last summer after a heartbreaking near miss at promotion. Even at one point it was questionable whether manager Marcelo Bielsa would come back.

Radrizzani was asked if he would be interested in investing in either AC Milan or Roma in the future.

He responded by saying his full focus was on Leeds, but he might be open to a partnership between the clubs.

He said: “[My] heart and head are on Leeds 100 per cent. Then, of course, I work as an entrepreneur and if there were opportunities with other potential partners, even with synergies with Leeds, I would think about it. But at the moment there is nothing.”

Radrizzani gives the impression he would at least hear out any proposal and consider it. Being open minded helped him take on the massive challenge at Leeds in the first place.

It’s unclear what the future holds for Radrizzani and Leeds if promotion is unsuccessful, but right now they have to believe it is achievable, sitting top of the league with nine games remaining.

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