A priest in Italy tried to use technology to give a surmon but it went slightly wrong…

People across the world are in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and the situation is at its most serious in Italy.

The current situation is having a profound impact on how many of us do our jobs and it appears to be no different within the church.

Many of us need peace of mind at this very difficult time and for a lot of people, religion plays a huge part in that.

That means that priests are trying to find ways to keep in contact with those who need comfort and the wonders of modern technology can help them along with that.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go to plan, as one priest from Italy discovered on Instagram…

Why was the Italian priest on Instagram?

Italy has been hit by thousands of deaths due to the coronavirus.

That means that lockdown is being vigorously enforced to help slow and prevent further spread.

But the priest, called Paolo Longo, according to the Daily Mail, still wanted to offer a mass despite the fact people are not allowed to interact.

His Instagram attempt didn’t go entirely to plan…

What was the problem?

Unfortunately for Mr Longo, he had activated Instagram’s array of filters on his face before starting his sermon.

It’s as hilarious as you might imagine!

The filters rapidly change across his face, while he clearly has no real idea what’s going on and just wants to crack on with the mass.

It has gone viral, with Gavin Shoebridge’s tweet of the video getting over 375,000 likes on Twitter.

Watch the video below

It really is a must-watch video.

Technology can be a great help during these unprecedented times, but it doesn’t always behave like you want it to!

It did raise a smile for many online though – and hopefully Mr Longo was able to have better luck at getting his mass online afterwards.

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