The Have You Ever Bingo Challenge has surfaced on Instagram but what exactly is it and how can you take part?

The internet is always full of weird and wonderful trends that come and go.

We’ve seen all sorts from memes to challenges appear online and one of the latest trends fits into the latter of those categories.

The challenge itself is known as the Have You Ever Bingo Challenge and it’s recently gained traction on sites such as Instagram.

But what exactly is the challenge and how can social media users take part?

What is the Have You Ever Bingo Challenge?

The Have You Ever Bingo Challenge has seen social media users on the likes of Instagram effectively comparing their lives.

The challenge is a fairly simple one, participants use a Have You Ever Bingo template (we’ll get onto those in a moment) and fill out what they have or haven’t done in their lives. 

How to do the Have You Ever Bingo Challenge

To take part in the challenge, you’ll need one of the aforementioned Bingo templates.

To start off with, you should have a blank template, all you do is simply tick off what applies or doesn’t apply to you.

Once you’ve filled in the template, post away to your Instagram story. Some users are tagging their friends in the challenge while others are simply doing it for the fun of it, the choice is yours. 

Where to find the templates?

There are a number of templates that have been doing the rounds in regards to this challenge.

The two most common appear to come from the Instagram users @leahferezan and @lovejuliethai.

You can find the templates in their saved story sections on their Instagram profiles.

Alternatively, you can screenshot the templates from the images below.




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