Covhead challenge explained: Why people are shaving their heads and how to get involved!

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The challenge has some men changing their looks pretty drastically...

There is a great deal of appreciation across the country for what the NHS and the other key workers are doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

At 8pm on Thursday, 26th March, 2020 people up and down the UK will show their gratitude with a nationwide round of applause, which is the very least those keeping the country running deserve.

But there are others on social media going a step further to try and raise some money for NHS charities, which enhance patient care.

So, what is the Covhead challenge? We've got all the information you need explained, as well as how to get involved or donate to a great cause...

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Covhead challenge explained

Basically, men are shaving their head to raise money for charity.

The challenge started on Instagram, with users challenging one another to take the plunge and go bald to help raise money for the NHS.

According to their bio, the money raised is going to go to over 250 NHS charities, to help reward the incredible work they are doing to keep the country safe during these unprecedented times.

Make sure you're following them on Insta for all the latest.

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How to get involved

It's really easy to get involved!

You don't have to wait to be nominated, you can take the lead and shave your head before nominating some friends to do the same.

It might be a while before we're allowed to go back to the barbers, in any case!

That means that someone from your household might well eventually end up cutting your hair when it gets out of hand anyway.

You might as well give them the task of a basic number one all over, as well as raising money for charity in the process!

Of course, you can be nominated by someone else as well, which will likely happen more and more as the challenge progresses.

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How to donate to the Covhead challenge

If you don't want to shave your head but want to donate to help the cause anyway, there's a JustGiving link to follow.

The donations target is £10,000 and the bio outlines the motivation behind the challenge. 

It says: "We want to help raise funds for NHS Charities Together who help allocate the funding and supplies to over 250 Charities that support the NHS across the UK.

"Whilst we're stuck at home during this unprecedented time due to Covid-19, let's help by shaving your own #CovHead-19. Let's have some fun, donate some money to a good cause and create some positives out of a bad situation.

"Let's help provide the NHS with the support they need to help us through this time."

Plenty of people would agree with that message.


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