Netflix: Is Hana dead in 7Seeds? Season 2 finally reveals the fate of much-loved character

7Seeds Hana

7Seeds has finally returned to Netflix for a second batch of episodes but do we finally find out what happened to Hana?

Netflix may be best known for big-budget US TV drama series such as Stranger Things and The Witcher but in recent years we've seen a huge swathe of new and diverse content arrive.

From true crime docuseries and international TV show to kids' TV and anime, there is certainly plenty of content to watch right now.

In regards to the last of those categories, anime, Netflix has taken a huge step forward with the amount of series on their streaming service recently and today, March 26th, the second season (or Part 2 officially) of the anime 7Seeds has arrived after a nine-month wait.

Season 1 concluded back in June 2019 with an agonising cliffhanger for fans as the fan-favourite character, Hana, appeared to have been killed off.

Naturally, fans have spent the past few months worrying whether or not Hana survived the events of season 1 and thankfully, the new batch of episodes provides the answer. 

7Seeds on Netflix

7Seeds follows the adventures of five teams of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world after a meteorite strike wiped out the human population.

Season 1, which arrived on Netflix on June 28th 2019, followed the teams, Spring, Summers A and B, Autumn and Winter, as they look to build a new life for themselves in this new and empty world.

The biggest question on fans' minds after the climactic end to season 1 was whether or not Hana, one of the main characters in Team Spring, survived after a dramatic cliffhanger appeared to kill her off. 

For the answer to that question, fans had to wait until season 2 released on March 26th 2020.

7Seeds Hana

Hana's 'death' in season 1

Hana's fate is left hanging in the balance at the end of season 1.

Several members of the various teams end up in an underground cave system and in the hopes of finding water Ryo of Team Fall asks for Hana's help.

However, he tries to have her killed by cutting the rope she was climbing. 

Fortunately, this doesn't kill her but moments later she's thrown into an underground river by an out-of-sorts Ango.

Despite the best efforts of other characters to save her, Hana is swept away by the current and it's believed that she died as a result.

7Seeds s2 Hana

Is Hana really dead?

Thankfully, Hana was not killed at the end of season 1.

However, it does take a while before we see her properly again in season 2. It isn't until Part 2's fifth episode, Vernal Equinox, that we see her at long last.

When her boyfriend, Arashi, ends up in trouble, he calls out to her and somewhere far away, Hana awakens on a deserted beach. 

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