Countdown didn’t air on Tuesday and devoted fans are wondering why it was cancelled.

When it comes to daytime programming, what’s your favourite show to tune into? 

There are so many gems we’ve grown to cherish over the years, but few boast the longstanding prestige of Countdown.  

Since it landed back on screens in November 1982, it has run for a staggering 81 series in total, and of course, has spawned celebrity editions and been referenced countless times throughout popular culture. 

It still remains thoroughly engaging, entertaining and informative, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that it’s lasted over 7,000 episodes so far. 

It’s become very reliable, so it goes without saying that fans felt its absence strongly when an episode didn’t air on Tuesday, March 24th 2020. 

So, what happened?

Why was Countdown cancelled? It’s still running!

Although a concrete reason was not confirmed, 4Viewers tweeted out “Apologies for the last minute schedule change, but #Countdown will resume tomorrow!”

As highlighted by the Express, the show is undergoing changes in the face of current circumstances. 

They note a source told Sun Online that the schedule will “slow down” over the coming months, but rest assured, filming on Countdown will still go ahead.

So, fewer episodes are inevitable, but there will also be another significant change that audiences will notice…

The earlier source told the publication: “Countdown bosses said they couldn’t run the risk of having an audience so, for the first time, filming will go ahead in an empty studio… They believe it is still safe to continue filming the pool of contestants they are working with but it’s likely their schedule will slow in the coming months.”

In the wake of stricter government guidelines, it’s definitely a sensible and informed decision not to film with audiences. 

It’s likely that more precautions will be taken into consideration as government guidelines continue to be revised. 

Countdown fans flocked to Twitter

Some will surely be a bit gutted about the schedule slowing, but under the circumstances, it’s totally reasonable.

As for the recent episode cancellation, check out a selection of reactions:





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