Why are eggs in short supply?

Rice traders await buyers at the Masomba Traditional Market in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, on March 24, 2020. The Indonesian government guarantees that the food supply in the...

There's a shortage of eggs and we've explained why...

One of the first ways people across the UK responded to the global medical pandemic was by panic-buying.

It seemed that people weren't sure if they'd be able to get out of their houses to buy food and other essentials, so many of them grabbed whatever they could while they could.

Boris Johnson has gradually been introducing stricter and stricter measures in the UK but failed to make it abundantly clear in the early stages of the crisis that people would be allowed out of their house to buy essentials - even in lockdown.

Because that's where we are now - the Prime Minister locked the country down with unprecedented measures but we are still allowed to go out and buy the food we need to survive.

That said, it appears the impact of that panic-buying is still being felt in some areas and people may be wondering if it's the same with eggs.

So are eggs in short supply? We've got all the information explained here...

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Volunteers hand out eggs and other perishables to hundreds of people during the Covid-19 crisis in Everett, Massachusetts on March 20, 2020. - Whole Foods, like several other retailers, is...

Are eggs in short supply?

Yes - according to a spokeswoman for the British Egg Industry Council.

The Daily Star reported on Wednesday, 25th March 2020 that the spokeswoman said the country is making an 'unprecedented demand' for eggs.

They reported also that many supermarket shelves have been stripped bare of eggs.

Free range eggs are pictured for sale inside a Jack's store during its press launch in Chatteris, near Cambridge, east of England, on September 19, 2018, during the lauch of supermarket...

Why are eggs in short supply?

It's because of panic-buying Brits.

The spokeswoman has urged the UK public not to stock up on eggs and only to get the amount they need.

There are no food shortages in the UK at the moment for any other reason than people buying too much and supermarkets not being able to stack the shelves at the same rate.

We can only hope that Mr Johnson's lockdown measures work and people become more sensible with what they are buying and how often.

The Daily Star reported that chickens have been stolen from coops in Leicester, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Cardiff as people try to plunder eggs during the shortage.

This is exactly the sort of incident we don't want to see and why not panic-buying and being considerate is responsible.

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What can I leave the house to buy?

Mr Johnson has ordered all non-essential shops to close.

People are allowed to leave the house to go shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine.

They are advised to make these trips as infrequently as possible.

Eggs fall into this category - but we can only encourage people to be responsible and considerate of others, only buying what they need for their family.

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