When will Disney Plus be available on Nintendo Switch?

When Will Disney Plus Be Available On Nintendo Switch

A large number of gamers are wondering when Disney Plus will be available on the Nintendo Switch.

Disney Plus finally arrived in the UK yesterday meaning lots of people have started to enjoy its plethora of offerings despite the unfortunate news that its streaming quality has been reduced and that Frozen 2 isn't coming until July. However, while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players have been able to enjoy the app on their consoles despite the aforementioned drawbacks, Nintendo Switch owners are left in the dark wondering when it will come to their console of choice.

There are a ton of hidden Disney gems for you to watch on Disney Plus including the likes of The Black Cauldron and The Great Mouse Detective. Not only that, but there's also classic episodes of The Simpsons for you to bingewatch so you can forget about how bad the series has been for well over a decade.

The Nintendo Switch would be the perfect console to stream the app on as it would allow you to watch its offerings outside in your back garden. Unfortunately, there's no release date for when it will arrive on the handheld system.

How to download Disney Plus on Nintendo Switch

You cannot download Disney Plus on Nintendo Switch.

This is because the Disney Plus app is not on the Nintendo Switch no matter how many times you search for it in the eShop.

Its unavailability isn't too surprising considering there's no Netflix on the console, but it's still disappointing when the app can be streamed on both iOS and Android.

Is Disney Plus coming to Nintendo Switch?

Disney Plus isn't officially confirmed to be coming to Nintendo Switch.

However, there is reason to believe that the app could eventually make the transition to the handheld console.

Per Nintendo Life, there was an investors briefing back in 2019 in which Disney included a graphic showing the Disney Plus app on the Nintendo Switch as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

The app is currently available on both Sony and Microsoft's console, so the graphic could be an indication that it will be made available on Nintendo's system at a later date.

However, this graphic was displayed back before the app's launch in North America, and we haven't heard anything else about it coming to the Switch.

This means it's not guaranteed that Disney Plus will arrive on the Nintendo Switch, but at least there's a suggestion of hope.

Is Disney Plus Coming To Nintendo Switch

When will Disney Plus be available on Nintendo Switch?

There is no release date for when Disney Plus will be made available to download on Nintendo Switch.

Again, although Disney have hinted at it becoming available on Nintendo's system, no one knows for sure when or if it'll happen.

  • HOW TO: Get the Disney Plus app on Sky Q if you can't find it

So, for Nintendo Switch loyalists who don't own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, your other choices for streaming the app's content include Sky Q, Android, and iOS.

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