TikTok collector cards: What are they and how to get them

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A TikTok user has created collector cards and people want to know how to get them.

During the self-isolation period, TikTok is the top place to go for trending videos. 

The social media app has grown so popular over the last few months that even celebrities staying at home are obsessed about creating content on the platform. 

So you can expect to see many more dancing videos from the likes of Jennifer Lopez and her family and couple challenges from Justin and Hailey Bieber. 

One TikTok user has come up with creative collector cards and people on social media want to know if they can get them.

So, here's what the collector cards are!

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TikTok logo is seen displayed on a phone screen in this illustration photo taken in Krakow, Poland on November 20, 2019.

What are the TikTok collector cards?

The collector cards are created by TikTok user Duane Perera. You can find his account under the handle @duaneshootstoys

Duane is a Canadian toy photographer who creates art based on pop culture, nostalgia, sneakers and video games. 

Duane makes the collector cards himself which are basically foiled prints of popular celebs and trending stuff on TikTok.

In each video, Duane reveals a new pack with five different cards to his followers on the social media app.  

And his audience on the platform is growing daily with more than 700,000 followers at the time of writing.

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How to get the TikTok collector cards?

Unfortunately, you can't buy the collector cards at the moment. 

Duane creates those cards purely for his video content on TikTok. 

However, make sure to check his profile regularly as he might decide to start selling them at some point. 

People are obsessed with the collector cards and keep leaving comments under his videos asking how to buy them. 

Meet TikTok user @duaneshootstoys

Apart from the TikTok collector cards, Duane creates miniature scenes with toys. 

His art snaps are very creative and you can find his latest work on the website Duane Shoots Toy

From the looks of his website, he's passionate about creating art on famous celebrities, Marvel movies and video games.

The Canadian photographer says that this is not his main job, but hopes to make a career out of it if more people support his art business.

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