WIth Stargirl arriving on Disney+, many are discovering the remarkable talents of Grace VanderWaal.

With everything that’s going on, at least there’s some good news…

Disney+ has finally reached the UK! The streaming service has been highly anticipated for what feels like a lifetime, but eager subscribers are now invited to tuck into everything the service has to offer. 

There’s a wealth of entertainment to dive into, whether you’re into animation, Marvel, Star Wars and more. 

Obviously, there are many celebrated gems on there that audiences have seen countless times but just can’t resist revisiting, whereas, on the other hand, it’s the new titles that make Disney+ such a worthwhile investment. 

One such title is Stargirl, which released initially March 2020. Directed by Julia Hart, this charming film tells the story of a young boy who becomes fascinated with a mysterious student intriguingly named Stargirl. 

It’s been well received so far and with more and more still flocking to see it, it’s certainly worth spotlighting one of its central stars…

Stargirl: Meet Grace VanderWaal

The character of Stargirl Caraway is played by 16-year-old Grace VanderWaal. 

She is foremostly known as an American singer-songwriter and got her early start uploading covers and original songs on YouTube. It was all steam ahead from there, as she soon went on to win the eleventh season of NBC’ America’s Got Talent at the young age of 12!

Her first EP – titled Perfectly Imperfect – was released just months later in December, with her debut studio album – Just the Beginning – following in November 2017. 

As highlighted by IMDb, Stargirl has provided her breakout role, with previous screen appearances in music videos and as herself on a range of chat shows and so forth. 

Grace VanderWaal talks Stargirl

According to The List, she said of the project: “This opportunity was definitely a surprise. It just came to be. But now that the movie’s out and all of my nerves are gone, I’m so happy with my decision. I love it… I think the biggest thing that drew me to the movie was the director, Julia Hart.”

She elaborates: “I was very, very unsure about it, and she took the time to talk to me, which was insanely sweet. She just had the best energy. The moment that I started talking to her, I just knew it might be something that I wanted to do.”

Her musical talents are spotlighted in the film, but to listen to more you can head straight over to Spotify; she currently has 2,570,755 monthly listeners. 

Grace VanderWaal attends the Premiere Of Disney+’s “Stargirl” on March 10, 2020 in Hollywood, California.

Follow Grace VanderWaal on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Grace VanderWaal’s musical and screen work, it’s definitely worth following her on Instagram. 

You can find her over at @gracevanderwaal. There are a handful of Stargirl-related posts to scroll through, as well as a range of glamorous and artistic snaps. 

Similarly, you can follow her on Twitter at @GraceVanderWaal.  

If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to watch Stargirl streaming now on Disney+. 

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