A guide for how to get the Mozzie Pizza skin for Rainbow Six Siege from Twitch Prime.

Rainbow Six Siege is now in its fifth season and some new fixes have been released for fans to download and install. In addition to these fixes, fans can also get the Twitch Prime reward, Mozzie Pizza skin. For those of you who love pizza and Rainbow Six, here you’ll discover how to get the reward if you’re having any difficulties.

The Twitch Prime set for Rainbow Six Siege started earlier in the year and fans have already been able to grab the Maestro Operator skin and the Twitch Operator skin. Now, to complete the collection, you can finally get the Mozzie Pizza skin.

You only have a limited amount of time to claim this reward though, so below you’ll discover how to get it before Ubisoft takes it away.

How to get the Mozzie Pizza skin in Rainbow Six Siege

You must have a Twitch Prime account to get the Mozzie Pizza skin for Rainbow Six Siege.

Provided you have a Twitch Prime account set-up, you must link it to the Ubisoft/Uplay account you use when playing Rainbow Six Siege.

For those who play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One as opposed to PC, it is also necessary to link your console account.

Once you have all the necessary accounts linked to each other, all you need to do then is head to the game’s Twitch Prime page and select Claim Now for the Pizza Mozzie operator skin.

This is the last of the Twitch Prime set for the game and you have up until April 24th to claim it.

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