Instagram: What is the game face challenge? People obsessed over new trend

CHINA - 2020

The newest trend on Instagram is the game face challenge.

The coronavirus pandemic sees new trends created every single day on social media.

As people are advised to stay at home, many are getting very creative during the self-isolation period and come up with hilarious challenges.

In fact, this is the perfect time to work on your TikTok career, create a filter on Instagram or just come up with the craziest trend nobody has done yet. 

For instance, the 'Game Face Challenge' is getting huge hits on Instagram. So, what is the latest trend all about?

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Instagram game face challenge: What is it 

The game face challenge asks you to post a picture of your face during a sports game. 

It could be any sport, but make sure your face during the game is the main focus in the snap. 

Plus, extra points if you post a weird or hilarious face as that what makes the whole challenge fun. 

Instagram users have been sharing odd facial expressions as they're about to fall during a rugby match and some have even photoshopped their faces on fit male bodies.

So, even if you don't do any sports - you can post a selfie while doing yoga or a home workout!

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#gamefacechallenge @n_houghton_ found this in the archives Nicholas!

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Instagram game face challenge: How to do it 

To participate, someone on social media should nominate you for the challenge.

Once they do that, you can share your weird or normal (you choose) game face on Instagram and then tag more people to take part. 

So this is the perfect time to dig your most embarrassing pictures from your archives and share straight away. Plus, the more people you nominate, the more hilarious snaps on Insta!

The challenge is growing very popular with more than 5,000 posts at the time of publication.

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#gamefacechallenge thx for the nomination @bert_3260 i nominate @hemsworthtaff and @andrew.macgregor.961

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When was the game face challenge created?

It appears the game face challenge has been on social media for some time. 

In fact, early posts go back to 2017 when some users started using the hashtag and sharing their snaps.

However, it remains unknown who initiated the challenge.

Once something becomes popular, it's hard to track the person who started the whole trend on social media. 

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