Instagram: What is the 24 Hour Challenge?

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As a new viral craze hits Instagram, we've explained the 24 Hour Challenge...

Boris Johnson put the UK on lockdown on Monday night, when means most people should be spending the vast majority of their day indoors.

One outing for exercise and fresh air per day is permitted but all non-essential shops have been closed. Those that are open still require responsible distancing of 2m between people to stay safe.

It was almost unavoidable that more time indoors, means many people would turn to social media for their entertainment - resulting in viral crazes.

Instagram is especially full of these trends right now, and the 24 Hour Challenge is the latest to hit the site as the global medical pandemic keeps people behind closed doors.

So, what is the 24 Hour Challenge on Instagram? We've explained everything you need to know here..

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What is the 24 Hour Challenge on Instagram?

Many Instagram users are posting a photo of themselves that they don't particularly like but promising to keep it uploaded for 24 hours.

These images are sometimes distorted by a filter, or perhaps just in an unflattering pose, the likes of which they wouldn't usually post on Instagram.

The trend is sometimes also called the 'until tomorrow' photo posting craze and has taken off online following the current global crisis we find ourselves in.

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24 Hour Challenge on Instagram explained

There have been a host of challenges going around on Instagram at present.

Plenty have related to the hashtag 'ChallengeAccepted' and one which started on International Women's Day circulated, encouraging women to build each other up and tag others in.

This one seems to be encouraging people to be more confident with the photos they post.

We are now so used to much of the content which goes out on Instagram being filtered, curated and edited to show everyone looking their very best.

This trend is the opposite of that, with people showing themselves naturally as they are, especially as they face a lot of time at home at present.

What are the best 24 hour challenges on Instagram?

It depends what floats your boat.

Some Instagram users are posting selfies from home, where they aren't making much effort to try and look their best - like most of us in lockdown right now!

One posted a picture from his younger days, encouraging his followers to make the most of it while it's uploaded.

People shaking off their insecurities and posting more natural photos should prove to be a good thing - especially if it boosts confidence!

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