Instagram: 30 Day Song Challenge explained

CHINA - 2020

A new trend is sweeping Instagram, but what is the 30 Day Song Challenge?

People across the UK have been told to stay inside after Boris Johnson locked down the country amid the global medical pandemic.

The British public are limited to one excursion for exercise per day, with only one other person, and can only shop for essentials.

That means that many people have a lot of time to kill indoors, which has almost inevitably pushed some of them onto social media

Instagram is awash with viral trends at the moment, which are spreading faster than they perhaps usually would because of the free time people have on their hands.

With that in mind, what is the 30 Day Song Challenge? We've got all the info you need explained here...

INDIA - 2020

What is the Instagram 30 Day Song Challenge?

Instagram users are sharing one song per day for 30 days.

Which one they choose corresponds to a viral image circulating on Instagram instructing them about the theme for each day.

They range from 'a song with a colour in the title' to 'a song which reminds you of yourself' and there's plenty of variety in between.

It's obviously quite the commitment to keep up but the prompts help people come up with their inspiration.


Instagram 30 Day Song Challenge explained

Now that people have more time on their hands, and are turning to social media for entertainment and connection with other people, it appears to be ramping up again.

It also provides an insight into people's musical tastes and allows others to discover music they may not necessarily have heard of before. 

It also helps keep spirits up as remembering songs you may not have heard for a while can do exactly that during these testing times.

When did the Instagram 30 Day Song Challenge start?

The Instagram 30 Day Song Challenge appeared to start in late 2018, way before the global medical pandemic impacted lives all over the world.

It's just a little bit of fun and looked to have burned out a while ago.

But people are looking for something to get their teeth into now!

While committing to something every day for 30 days might have felt like a big effort before, now it's handy to have things to focus on as Boris Johnson warns the country the current lockdown will last for at least three weeks.

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