An image supposedly capturing a Covid-19 quarantine team vehicle is being shared online.

With everything that’s going on, our eyes are frequently fixated on updates across social media.  

So many businesses are announcing temporary closures, with events as big as Glastonbury Festival postponing this year’s editions. 

Cinema Chains such as Odeon and Showcase have shut their doors in following government guidelines, and even fast-food restaurants have followed suit, choosing only to operate as takeaways. 

More precautions to prevent further spread are underway every single day, with a recent statement from Boris Johnson including: “We need people to start working from home where they possibly can. And you should avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues.”

In aims to avoid any non-essential contact, even schools are due to close. As a result of all of this, there is a widespread uncertainty, and certain viral social media posts are only adding fuel to the fire, with one standing out in particular…

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Covid-19 quarantine team vehicle

A recent YouTube video [see below] titled “Military Vehicle? With “Covid 19 Quarantine Team” On Side Spotted In Ohio” is continuing to attract views and has been shared around on the likes of Twitter. 

The speaker is commenting on a picture he says was sent into him which supposedly features a military vehicle marked “Covid-19 Quarantine Team.”

Of course, when images like this are shared it can cause some to speculate and panic. However, the comment section is brimming with critique. The top comment reads: “That looks like surplus to me. No paddle locks on the wheels, the paint is inconsistent. Paint is missing. It’s supposed to be green not chipped green with other shades. Looks like the military took some drab green and wiped whatever that said, and I’d guess it’s Photoshop now because the letters aren’t paint stencilled.”

Another weighed in: “The windows are blue… not actual military… that is an M1183, no longer used by the marines or airforce… that tan part you’re pointing to says ‘lift point’ and it is missing the lift shackles…”

Additionally, one added: “If you tilt the photo it looks like a separate photo imposed on the wheel well. A soft-top vehicle wouldn’t be much of a quarantine method.”

Interestingly, we actually had someone reach out to us, writing: “This picture was taken in my car, in Georgetown KY on Cherry Blossom Ln. There is nothing edited about the photo. However, the guy that was driving had a camera, videoing everyone’s response as they drove by him. So, it was an apparent hoax by the driver but the picture is 100% legit.”

Twitter reacts to Covid-19 quarantine team vehicle image

Beyond the YouTube comment sections, a number of people have flocked to Twitter to weigh in on the image and others. 

Check out a selection of tweets:





In other news, Butlin’s announces closures.