People in the UK can now download the Disney Plus app on PS4 and here you’ll find how to quickly do just that.

The Disney Plus app is now available in the United Kingdom and can be downloaded on the PlayStation 4.

In order to quickly download the Disney Plus app on PS4 in the UK, simply scroll to the TV & Video folder on your PS4 home screen where you’ll find marked as ‘new’.

You can also find the app by visiting the PSN Store, proceeding to TV & Video, selecting All video apps, and then scrolling down the list until you find it. Either that or you can just manually search for the app by pressing triangle and typing Disney Plus.

Remember that even though you’ve downloaded the app you can’t enjoy any of its content unless you have created an account and are subscribed to the service. Keep reading the original story to discover how to register an account.

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The Disney Plus app is launching in the UK very soon and it’ll unfortunately have reduced streaming quality at launch due to the current pandemic and self-isolation principles. However, despite this unfortunate drawback, at least we’re getting it earlier than initially slated. And here you’ll discover exactly when and how you can download the app on PlayStation 4.

Although there were some concerns earlier in the year, The Simpsons will in-fact be on Disney Plus so you can stream all of its good episodes and ignore the bad ones that regularly appear on Sky One. While this is fantastic news, there won’t only be The Simpsons for you to binge watch as there’ll also be new series such as the Mandalorian.

But, before you get too excited at the prospect of watching Disney shows and movies all day on a couch, first you need to know when and how you can download it on PS4.

When can I download Disney Plus in the UK?

You can download the Disney Plus app on PS4 in the UK on March 24th.

The Disney Plus app was originally scheduled to come out in the UK on March 31st, but thankfully people can download it a week earlier.

North America has been able to enjoy the Netflix competitor since November 12th, but residents in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain will finally be able to join in on the fun tomorrow.

You’ll be able to access the app on smart TVs, Xbox One, Android, and iOS, but you’ll be able to enjoy its extensive programming on the PS4.

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How do you download the Disney Plus app on PS4?

You need to visit the PlayStation store on March 24th to download the Disney Plus app on PS4 in the UK.

People in the UK can either download the Disney Plus app on PS4 by searching for it specifically or by finding it in the App section.

Once you’ve found the app, all you need to do then is select Download and wait a very short amount of time for it to be installed on your console.

When the app has finished downloading and installing, you’ll find it inside the TV & Video folder alongside other apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

In order to be able to enjoy the Disney Plus content, you will of course require a subscription which costs either £5.99 per month or £59.99 for 12-months.

You can subscribe to the service by visiting its website and creating an account.