Instagram users, including celebrities, are taking part in the See 10, Do 10 challenge.

The global health crisis has finally caught up with fitness fanatics throughout the United Kingdom.

On Friday, the government instructed all gyms and leisure centres to cease operation and has since told all non-essential shops to follow suit in a bid to halt the spread of the virus, making it nigh-on impossible to source personal equipment.

And, to make matters worse, bouts of outdoor exercise have been restricted to one per day per person.

The news has left those who did have gym memberships but none of their own equipment in a state of limbo, and many have turned to watching – and re-enacting – exercise videos at home in a desperate attempt to maintain to those hard-earned muscles.

But a new craze which is currently sweeping through Instagram is offering an alternative – if not a little short-lived – solution.

What is the See 10, Do 10 challenge on Instagram?

The See 10, Do 10 challenge is pretty much as it says on the tin. Users complete their own set of 10 press-ups/push-ups, before nominating others to join them.  

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Which celebrities are doing See 10, Do 10 challenge?

As seen above, Jennifer Hudson, the American singer and actress, attempted it, but failed to complete a single press-up/push-up before passing the baton to her surrogate, Walter Williams, who made short work of the task. J.Hud was nominated by her compatriot gospel singer and songwriter Tasha Cobbs Leonard, who did manage 10 – albeit without ever really getting close to the ground.

Meanwhile, Carlos PenaVega, the American actor and singer had his effort sabotaged by wife, Alexa, of Spy Kids fame, who feigned injury to fart in her husband’s face.

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Watch rapper Quavo smash See 10, Do 10 challenge

One of the most impressive celebrity attempts so far is that of Quavo the American rapper.

You can watch his video below.

The craze is currently in its infancy, so keep your eyes peeled for more in the coming days, weeks and months, until the world returns – hopefully – to normal.

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