You’ll want to download the Google Chrome extension, IG Stories for Instagram, if you want to watch Instagram Live on PC.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps about meaning it’s going to be frequented a ton during this coronavirus pandemic and lockdown thanks to people being bored more than ever before. If you’re a fan of the app and its seemingly perfect models and influencers, here you’ll discover how you can watch Instagram Live on PC by downloading the IG Stories Google Chrome extension.

The best way to watch Instagram Live videos is definitely through the official app. But, if for whatever reason you’re fully committed to being able to watch them on PC, you do have an array of options available such as the Desktop For Instagram Chrome extension.

However, while there are a number of options available, the IG Stories for Instagram is arguably the best and below you’ll discover how to download it.

How to download the IG Stories for Instagram Google Chrome extension

Simply visit the Chrome Web store to download the IG Stories for Instagram extension.

Once you’re on the IG Stories for Instagram page, you’ll find the option Add to Chrome. If you don’t already have Google Chrome downloaded, you’ll instead see Available on Chrome.

Add to Chrome will result in the extension being downloaded and installed, meanwhile Available on Chrome will redirect you to a page to download Google Chrome.

When the extension has been downloaded and installed, you’ll find its icon (a downward arrow inside a pink circle) at the top right of your Chrome web browser.

How to watch Instagram Live on PC

You can use IG Stories for Instagram to watch Instagram Live videos on PC.

Provided you have the IG Stories for Instagram extension downloaded, you’ll want to open Instagram on Google Chrome.

Per iTech Guides, you’ll be able to see at the top left of the page whether anyone you’re following is currently streaming a live video.

If anyone is streaming live, all you need to do is click the live video link to watch in a new browser tab.

And that’s all there is to watching Instagram Live streams on your PC. Again, it’s better through the mobile app, but the PC option is available if you opt to use it.

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