Everything you must know about how many chapters there are in Half Life Alyx and how long the game takes to complete.

The prequel to the series’ second instalment, Half Life Alyx, has finally launched on PC making it the newest entry in the revered franchise for over ten years. The only caveat this time is that it’s a VR-only title, but you needn’t threat about this meaning that the game is more of a tech demo instead of an actually worthwhile £40 experience. To qualm any concerns you may have, here you’ll discover how many chapters there are and how long the game is said to last in terms of hours.

As previously mentioned, Half Life Alyx is the newest instalment in the series for over ten years and the reviews have been overwhelmingly brilliant with many agreeing that it’s an elegant return for a legend. There is a stigma that VR-only titles are lacklustre goofs equivalent to early 3D, but – as demonstrated by its 92-rating on Metacritic – Half Life Alyx is one of the few must-play virtual reality experiences.

If you’re still not fully convinced and are concerned about its longevity, below you’ll find out how many chapters it has and long it takes to beat its campaign.

How many chapters are there in Half Life Alyx?

There are 11 chapters in Half Life Alyx and you can find the name for each one below:

  • Entanglement

  • The Quarantine Zone

  • Is Or Will Be

  • Superweapon

  • The Northern Star

  • Arms Race

  • Jeff

  • Captivity

  • Revelations

  • Breaking and Entering

  • Point Extraction

The names of these chapters come courtesy of PCGamesN.

How long does it take to beat Half Life Alyx?

Half Life Alyx is said to take 12-15 hours to beat.

The Half Life Alyx review from Time notes that they completed it in 12-hours, meanwhile Gamespot note that it took them 15-hours to beat its campaign.

However, while 12-15 hours is the rough estimate, Geoff Keighley noted on Twitter that it took him even longer so it ultimately depends on how fast you progress and how much time you waste idling about and exploring.

Half Life Alyx is available on Steam for £46.49.

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