The self-isolation period creates an opportunity for people to come up with hilarious memes.

People have gone under quarantine for the next few weeks.

The latest UK government advice (March 23rd) says that everyone must stay at home and avoid going out where possible. People are advised to leave their houses if they need to shop for essential things, do a workout once a day or commute to work. 

Many hair salons have already closed to protect their staff and customers, but some people are in urgent need of a new haircut. And the only thing they can do is to respond with a hilarious coronavirus meme.

So, what’s the latest self-isolation trend?

What is the coronavirus haircut meme?

During the self-isolation period, people have started sharing images of what their hairs would look like when they are forced to cut them on their own.

Of course, without professional help from a stylist, many haircuts would be total disasters.

We all should have had that haircut back in February, right?

Coronavirus haircut meme on Twitter

There are already hundreds of hilarious haircut memes circulating on Twitter. 

Some share their looks after they give themselves a haircut, while others post a disastrous hairstyle after someone else gave them one. 

Plus, many tweet they would look like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away after being in self-isolation for a few months.

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