The burger chain have closed their stores, but will McDonald’s Drive-Thru still be open?

It’s an uncertain time for the public and businesses across the UK as the current medical crisis ramps up on a daily basis.

On Friday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a statement saying he was forcing the closure of pubs, restaurants and cafes across the country to help prevent further spread.

He had previously advised the public to avoid public spaces but then went further and enforced the closure of many places where people could get together in large crowds.

That takes the decision out the hands of businesses, who have staff to worry about; which provides its own dilemma in terms of balancing keeping them safe with keeping their jobs in increasingly uncertain times.

McDonald’s released a statement saying they will be closing the doors of every restaurant they have in the UK and Republic of Ireland from 7pm on Monday, 23rd March, 2020.

That has led some fast-food lovers to question whether one of their other services will remain in operation; will McDonald’s Drive-Thru still be open?

Will McDonald’s Drive-Thru still be open?


McDonald’s statement makes it clear that none of their 135,000 employees will be working, McDonald’s Drive-Thru will is closed.

They were previously operating on solely a takeaway and delivery basis, having closed seating areas last week, but now they are not even doing that.

The statement made it clear that the safety of staff is of paramount importance at this incredibly testing time and said that ‘frontline health workers and emergency services personnel’ will not have to pay for their food until the closure.

They also said that further updates would be coming via both their website and their social media channels.

Make sure you’re following their official Twitter page for further news.

Why is McDonald’s shut?

Mr Johnson advised the British public to avoid crowded place and practice social distancing to help prevent further spread in these testing times.

That led McDonald’s to close their seating areas last week, as they are understandably a place where large numbers of people would otherwise come and get together.

Then Mr Johnson went further at the end of last week, forcing the closure of restaurants – although he did leave the door open for delivery and takeaway services to carry on running.

For example, Domino’s are continuing to deliver.

But McDonald’s have taken decisive action and tried to protect the safety of their staff by closing their doors from Monday evening.

When will McDonald’s be open again?

The statement on the McDonald’s website didn’t give any clear indication of when fast-food lovers can expect their doors to be open again.

Given that the timescale for updates across their various channels was given as ‘weeks’ in the statement, that offers some idea that it won’t be within a matter of days.

The statement concluded by saying that McDonald’s looks forward to seeing its customers as soon as it’s safe to do so.

By that point, fast-food lovers up and down the country will be ready for a burger.


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