The English Game is available to watch on Netflix.

Julian Fellowes’ latest period drama aired on Friday and is based on true events, providing football fans with a much-needed fix amid widespread postponement in the modern-day game.

It documents the sport’s origins in the late 1800s and centres on two players in particular; Arthur Kinnaird (Edward Holcroft) and Fergus Suter (Kevin Guthrie), who came from contrasting backgrounds.

But it is the character portrayed by Guthrie who appears to have generated the most intrigue so far.

We at HITC Entertainment answer some of the most pertinent questions below…  

Which football team did Fergus Suter play for?

Born in Glagsow, Suter began his career with local club Partick Thistle. But it was in English football that he made the headlines, as a player for Lancashire sides Darwen FC and Blackburn Rovers.

According to, his spell at the former club attracted controversy, as many suspected that Suter (who went on to quit his job as a stonemason) was being paid to play, which was against the rules of a then amateur game.

Suter, the first recognised professional footballer, went on to collect a trio of FA Cup-winners medals at Blackburn – although contrary to what is depicted in The English Game, he and Blackburn were actually unsuccessful in 1883.

Who was Fergus Suter’s wife?

Historical records show that Suter was married to a woman named Martha, according to the actress Niamh Walsh, who portrays her in The English Game. But she exists “only as a name”.

Walsh told The Radio Times: “Because of the historical records, we know much less about the women than we do about the men – but happily, not in this show.”

There is said to be little evidence, therefore, that Suter and his wife were involved in a love triangle with the then Blackburn manager, as we see in The English Game.

How to watch The English Game on Netflix…

To access the streaming service, you will need either a smart TV, phone, tablet or console with connection to the internet.

Then simply download Netflix and subscribe to one of its various package options.

The series, which comprises six episodes lasting between 40 and 60 minutes, is already available to watch in full.

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