Son Heung-min is arguably Tottenham Hotspur’s most important player.

Former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino spoke on The High Performance Podcast about Son Heung-min and how Spurs managed a situation that could have seen him leave the club. 

The Argentine was sacked by Tottenham after a disastrous start to the season. Pochettino led Spurs to the Champions League final last campaign, without doubt his biggest achievement as the club’s manager. 

However, a lot went on behind the scenes, and Pochettino was responsible for keeping important players at the club in situations where things could have taken a turn for the worse. 

Son, one of Tottenham’s most important players, would have demanded to leave Spurs according to Pochetiino had the club not allowed him to go away to the Asian Games on international duty. 

He said: “With Harry Kane injured, Son not playing the first few months because of the Asian Games, no one talks about that.

“Today, Sonny is at Tottenham because we allowed him to go and play two competitions that weren’t compulsory, not being selfish and saying, ‘No, Sonny needs to stay here’. Because of the club. If not, two years and you need to stop the contract with Son.”

Losing a player of Son’s quality would have been a massive blow for Tottenham. If the South Korean had left the club last summer, Spurs could have been in a huge spot of bother, especially with Kane going on to get injured. 

Son, like Kane, suffered an injury recently, which was expected to rule him out for the rest of the campaign.

However, with the Premier League not expected to start any time before May, the former Leverkusen man should be back to help Spurs in their final few games. 

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