A guide for how to quickly update the Disney Plus app on PS4 so you can ensure that it’s always up-to-date.

Disney Plus is arriving in the United Kingdom on March 24th meaning now is your last chance to get it for only £4.17 per month. When you do eventually get the app be it on PlayStation 4, you will need to update it regularly to ensure that you have the latest version downloaded at all times.

Despite some concerns earlier in the year, The Simpsons will in-fact be on Disney Plus when it arrives in the UK and elsewhere. So, although the streaming quality has been reduced in Europe, at least you’ll be able to enjoy episodes of The Simpsons back from when it was an amazing sitcom as opposed to the empty and hollow doppelganger it’s now been for over a decade.

For UK gamers on PS4 who will be downloading the app as soon as tomorrow, below you’ll discover how to manually update it when necessary.

How to update Disney Plus app on PS4

You must be on the PS4 home screen to manually update the Disney Plus app on Sony’s console.

Once there, simply scroll to the Disney Plus app, press Options on your PS4 controller, and then select Check for update.

After you’ve selected the aforementioned option, Sony’s console will quickly check the PlayStation Network to see if there is a fix or newest piece of software that needs to be downloaded.

Your television screen will simply read the “installed application is the latest version” if there is no update available, meanwhile it will begin downloading the latest software if there is one available.

How to check Disney Plus app update history on PS4

You can check the update history of the Disney Plus app on PS4 to see what fixes have been made and what changes have been implemented.

In order to do this, all you need to do is again press Options on the Disney Plus app and then select Update History.

This’ll provide you with a list of the updates you have downloaded and there will be patch notes beneath each one.

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