Greenhouse Academy: Season 4 ending explained - what that Jason Osmond cliffhanger means for season 5

Greenhouse Academy season 4 masked Jason

Netflix fans will be left on the edge of their seats for weeks after the cliffhanger ending of Greenhouse Academy season 4.

Greenhouse Academy has always had a penchant for leaving its fans wanting more.

Most recently in October 2019, the ending of season 3 left fans on the edge of their seats as one of Greenhouse Academy's main characters, Hayley, was left buried in a cave while Leo had been infected by a potentially deadly virus.

Now, in season 4, fans have been left in shock once again as a huge revelation puts a completely different spin on the events of the show so far.

But just what happened with that confusing ending and what does it mean for the future of the show?

Greenhouse Academy season 4

Season 4 of Greenhouse Academy arrived on Netflix on Friday, March 20th.

It is a direct continuation of season 3 which arrived back in October 2019 and left fans on the edge of their seats with a frustrating and worrying cliffhanger.

The story follows a very fortunate Hayley as she's recovered from the cave system underneath Greenhouse Academy and sees the school's Eagles and Ravens put aside their differences once again to see that an evil scheme from a mysterious organisation is not allowed to come to fruition.

Greenhouse Academy Hayley

The ending of season 4

The final episode of season 4 proves to be the most climactic yet as the school is taken over by a group of masked men, who threaten to unleash the virus that almost killed Leo earlier in the season.

However, the masked henchmen are overpowered by the group of Greenhouse students who manage to stop the virus from being released.

It is then revealed that the leader of these masked men is Jason Osmond, the dean of Greenhouse Academy and the brother of Brooke.  

Despite threatening to infect countless people with the virus, Jason is not in custody for long, however, as an FBI agent, who Jason has paid off, comes and releases him from his hospital bed, leaving him to walk free as the season ends.

Greenhouse Academy season 4 Jason

Explained: What it means for season 5

Before the final credits roll, we are shown a quick montage of Jason as he's revealed to be the evil mastermind behind all of the schemes that have threatened Greenhouse Academy up to this point.

This appears to be because Jason has a dual/split-personality, which is seen when he stands in front of the mirror and a different face looks back at him. This shows that his head is being shared by his own conscience and that of the mysterious character known only as The Client. 

This undoubtedly sets up a potential fifth season as the villain is still at large. When the highly anticipated season will arrive though, remains to be seen.

Until then, all four seasons of Greenhouse Academy are available to stream now on Netflix.

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