Everything you must know about how to refill the Blood Punch meter in DOOM Eternal.

DOOM Eternal is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and it has landed at second place in the United Kingdom charts with Animal Crossing New Horizons just ahead of it. As you’d expect from a DOOM game, the newest instalment is incredibly brutal and kickass with a wide assortment of abilities/powers. And here you’ll discover how to unlock the Blood Punch and how to refill its meter.

The Doomguy is an OP badass who gets more powerful the further you progress through the narrative by unlocking abilities and weapons. However, for those who want to experience a ridiculous surge in power, there are also cheat codes available such as unlocking all runes and boasting infinite ammo.

While cheat codes are always welcome, you don’t need them to feel as powerful as a god as the Doomguy has a wicked variety of powers such as the Blood Punch.

How to unlock the Blood Punch in DOOM Eternal

You unlock the Blood Punch during the second campaign mission of DOOM Eternal, Exultia.

When progressing through the second level, the marker on your map will eventually lead you to a yellow glove.

Players needn’t threat about accidentally missing this ability as picking it up is a part of the mission meaning it’s not optional.

Once you find the yellow glove and walk into it, you’ll be taken to the tutorial arena to practice the Blood Punch on a bunch of poor test dummies.

While gory kills have you rip the heads off your enemies and even pull off their arms to slap them across the face, the Blood Punch is a wickedly powerful melee attack which sends out a shockwave to damage groups of enemies in your nearby vicinity.

How to refill the Blood Punch meter in DOOM Eternal

You just need to perform gory kills to refill the Blood Punch meter in DOOM Eternal.

The Blood Punch meter will charge with every gory kill you perform, and eventually you’ll be able to perform the devastatingly powerful melee attack by pressing R3 (on PlayStation 4).

While the move is powerful enough, you’ll eventually be able to make it even more powerful as you progress through the campaign.

DOOM Eternal is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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