The ‘challenge accepted’ hashtag has been revived on Instagram as more and more people move into lockdown.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a vast majority of the world have moved into quarantine or are practicing social distancing. Now more than ever, technology and social media are key at helping people feel connected in this disorientating time. 

We’ve seen the revival of apps such as Houseparty, plus new tech like Netflix Party introduced to make us all feel that one step closer to friends. 

And now #ChallengeAccepted has been revived in an attempt to keep people entertained. 

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What is the ‘Challenge Accepted’ hashtag?

Originally, it is thought that this hashtag was circulated in an effort to raise awareness and support of cancer patients and researchers. 

The challenge saw people post images of themselves in black and white, with the hashtag. They started to emerge in 2016. 

Now, #ChallengeAccepted has taken on a variety of meanings. 

‘Challenge accepted’ in 2020

There are currently a variety of challenges taking place on Instagram. 

There is the same selfie one as in 2016 going around, with people either posting pictures where they look unattractive or ones wearing a filter effect to Instagram. 

Others are using this lockdown period as a chance to learn something new or test a skill. The ‘challenge accepted’ hashtag has combined with the #StayHomeChallenge to document what people are getting up to in this time. From football skills to knitting needles, everyone around the world is trying something new!

The final challenge we have seen circulated on users’ Instagram Stories is baby photos along with the #ChallengeAccepted. The user tags three people to forward the challenge to in the post. 



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