BBC: Where is the house in The Nest? Fans can actually stay in the luxury Cape Cove house!

The Nest Cape Cove house ext.

The Nest on BBC One is mostly filmed in Glasgow but one filming location has caught the eye of fans.

When filming a new TV show, most production companies will often spend most of their time filming in studios or on town centre streets.

For the BBC and the TV show The Nest, however, a filming location was used that has certainly caught fans' attention.

While a lot of the series was filmed in the Scottish city of Glasgow, a huge chunk of the show is based in a stunning loch-side house.

Naturally, many fans have been left wondering exactly where the house is.

The Nest on BBC One

The first episode of The Nest arrived on BBC One on March 22nd.

The five-part drama tells the story of a wealthy couple, Dan and Emily, who have struggled and failed to have children.

After trying every method possible, they at last turn to Kaya, an 18-year-old girl from the opposite end of the class divide, to act as a surrogate.

But are Kaya's intentions really that good-natured?

The Nest main cast

Where is the house in The Nest?

The house is Cape Cove and it's located on the banks of Loch Long in Argyll and Bute.

Being a wealthy couple, Dan and Emily live a life of luxury in their loch-side house and amazingly, the location is not a set but is, in fact, a real building.

The house is known as Cape Cove and it's located about an hour's drive outside of Glasgow. 

Cape Cove sits on the banks of Loch Long and has some stunning views of the loch as well as the rolling hill beyond.

The Nest Cape Cove house

You can actually stay there!

Yes, that right! If you thought that the house in The Nest is your cup of tea, you can actually stay there.

When it's not being used as a BBC filming location, Cape Cove is actually a luxury 5-star holiday home that customers can rent out.

The house can fit 10 people into its five bedrooms and is perfect for large family getaways or to celebrate a special occasion. You can check out the official website for the Cape Cove house here.

However, the location doesn't come cheap as a seven-night stay in mid-January 2021 will set you back a whopping £2,039 while the week before Christmas 2020 will cost an eye-watering £3,609.

Meanwhile, The Nest, which features the gorgeous Cape Cove house, continues on BBC One on Sunday evenings at 9pm until the final episode airs on April 19th.

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