As uncertainty sweeps the UK, are Costa Coffee shops still open?

The medical crisis has caused uncertainty and confusion across the country, with many businesses having to close their doors to save money.

People are on the hunt for updates all the time with the need for clear information leading Boris Johnson to give a daily press conference to offer updates.

Last week, Mr Johnson issued a statement saying he was forcing the closure of pubs, cafes and restaurants across the country, ‘as soon as they reasonably can’.

Previously, the public was being urged to stay away from crowded spaces but those establishments had not been forced to close their doors – which may well have led to some confusion.

The likes of Cineworld and Odeon are among those public spaces who have announced their temporary closures following that government advice.

With social distancing impacting the social lives of people up and down the country, many are curious as to whether Costa Coffee have closed their doors…

A close-up of a Costa Coffee self service machine on October 31, 2019 in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Are Costa Coffee shops still open?


Costa posted an update on their official Twitter page on Monday, March 23rd 2020 confirming that their doors will now be closed.

They underlined their commitment to ensuring that their customers and staff are safe and said that the measures had been brought about as social distancing ramps up.

The coffee chain said that they will do their utmost to ensure their establishments within hospitals remain open through these testing times.

Their commitment to helping NHS staff also extends to free takeaway coffee for those emergency workers for the next two weeks because they are the ones ‘at the forefront of this crisis’.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter for any further updates.

Are Costa Express machines available?

The statement did say that Costa Express machines would be available where possible, despite the testing times.

That means that some people may be able to get their hands on their favourite coffee even without visiting one of the stores up and down the country.

It’s a responsible decision from Costa at a time when they need to ensure that their staff are healthy and safe.

Their gesture to the NHS staff taking the brunt of the current crisis is also very generous and deserves praise also.

It remains to be seen when they will open their doors again, but you can also access their full statement on their official website.