Liverpool are two wins away from winning the Premier League title with football currently halted.

Andy Gray has warned Liverpool that they will not be ‘anywhere near’ as dominant next season because he feels ‘there are so many things’ that could fall against them, as he told beIN Sports. 

The former striker also suggested that the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Liverpool’s front three ‘might not’ be as ‘dominant’ or ‘possess that threat’ they have had during this current campaign.

Jurgen Klopp’s men have lost only one Premier League game this season and before football was halted because of the global health pandemic, the Reds were heading for the title in record-breaking fashion.

Nonetheless, Gray was asked on the chances that Liverpool were so good this season that they are likely to be the same for the 2020/21 campaign. 

“No, as I have always referred to you when I have talked about the Championship race,” Gray told beIN Sports. “We were told about 10-year domination by Manchester City. I said to you ‘no, I don’t see it. They’ll be up there but they will not do it’.

“I go back to this season. Although Liverpool are miles ahead and I hope a few Liverpool fans do agree with me. I actually think they played better last season. They played better football last season. I think what they have done this season is that they have been brilliant professionally. They have got over the line. Their back four and goalkeeper have been sensational.

“There are a lot of things gone their way this season that probably won’t next. They might lose one or two players in the summer. Will Van Dijk be as dominant as he has been? Will the front three still possess that threat and all that? They might not. Will the fullbacks be as adventurous? And will they get away with it now that teams are saying ‘well, hold on, we have to stop these first and foremost before we stop the front three’?

“So, there are so many things next season which I think will not make Liverpool anywhere near as dominant as they have been this season. Plus, the others, like every season, once chasing, they know where the bar is and they have got to get up there.”

In recent times, only both Manchester clubs have won back-to-back titles as achieving that feat is very difficult, but one this Liverpool side can also add their name to. 

But one thing is for sure, opposition teams will come harder at Liverpool next season and they will find it that little tougher.

What perhaps doesn’t fall in their favour is that during this campaign, a number of their key wins have come off the back of their never-day-say die attitude rather than them playing their opponents off the park. 

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