All American season 2 aired on US Netflix last week.

The drama returned via the streaming giant 18 months after its first edition hit the screens.

It is inspired by the true-life story of the NFL Superbowl Champion, Spencer Paysinger – who is a consulting producer on the show – and stars an English actor, the Birmingham-born Daniel Ezra, as its main character, Spencer James.

One All American’s lesser-known cast members is also proving popular with its fans.

And we at HITC Entertainment have done a bit of digging on that man, the one portraying Darnell Hayes, below…

What is actor Da’Vinchi’s real name?

According to, Da’Vinchi’s real name is Abraham D. Juste, although we aren’t told what the ‘D’ stands for.

“[Leonardo] da Vinci was a Renaissance man,” he explained to the website. “He was a mathematician; he was a botanist; he was an engineer, a scientist. He did so many different things, and a lot of people know him just as a painter.

“Just like me; I’m not just an actor. I started off in the industry as doing music, rapping … [There are] so many skills that I have, and I feel like that name fits me. I’m a Renaissance man.”

The six-foot-three star’s IMDB bio describes him as a “fast on-the-rise newcomer to the acting community hailing from the East Coast (United States)”. According to, he studied in Florida before moving to New Jersey – and later Los Angeles, California – in pursuit of his acting dream.

IMDB adds that he has also performed at Diamondz N da Ruff, the Newark, New Jersey-based cafe and lounge, owned by Jay-Z’s mother, Gloria Carter.

How old is Da’Vinchi?

Da’Vinchi was 22 when his interview with was published in June 2018, which makes him either 24 or almost.

According to IMDB, his first acting credit arrived that same year, when he played Eric in Jessica Jones. However, it is for his role as Cash Mooney in Grown-Ish that Da’Vinchi is perhaps best know. 

How to watch All American in the UK…

All American is a CW original and can be streamed via Netflix in the United States.

According to, there is no word as yet on whether or not it will be gracing our television screens.

However, if you would like to watch it legally – and don’t wish to cross the Atlantic in order to do so – the box set can be bought for $24.99 (around £22) on Amazon.

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