Ian Wright ranked Leicester City’s Wes Morgan higher than Liverpool favourite Steven Gerrard in the Premier League’s best captains.

Alan Shearer was left stunned when Ian Wright picked Wes Morgan ahead of Liverpool great Steven Gerrard in his top 10 Premier League’s captain, as he told Match of the Day.

With football halted, the Match of the Day duo were picking their best captains during the Premier League era, as Shearer labelled Wright’s decision as ‘absolutely ridiculous’.

Shearer featured tenth on Wright’s list, Liverpool’s current captain, Jordan Henderson, was ninth, with Gerrard, Morgan and Patrick Vieira making the bottom five.

Nonetheless, this is how Shearer reacted to Wright’s decision, as the ex-Arsenal man explained why Leicester City’s Premier League-winning captain was above the former England midfielder on his list – though it would later change. 

“Wes Morgan has to be in there for what Leicester did and he led them there as a captain,” Wright told MOTD. “And a team that’s not used to doing that.”

Shearer after realising Gerrard is below Morgan: “That’s absolutely ridiculous. That’s ridiculous. Come on.” 

Wright responded: “Shut up, Al – The fact is Stevie Gerrard, he nearly did.it. He nearly led Liverpool [to the Premier League title]. Wes Morgan with the team he had and the way that Leicester did it with, let’s face it, it’s a miracle of the Premier League with journeymen and people we didn’t know. He had to keep them going during that season.”

Shearer added: “Can I see what’s in there by the way? [checks Wright’s drink]. Jeez. It’s like there’s petrol in there or something.”

Incidentally, later on in the show, Shearer shared that Gerrard is second on his list in the Premier League’s all-time best captains, with John Terry first. 

But, right towards the end of the show, Wright changed his mind, as he put Gerrard fifth on his list and moved Vidic into eighth.

‘Al’s getting on my ******* nerves!’ was one of Wright’s responses when he explained why he was making the change – Shearer even changed Gerrard also, as he dropped him down to fourth and put Roy Keane into second despite him previously being unhappy with Wright’s placement of the now-Rangers boss. 

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