BBC: Will Trigonometry return for series 2? Episode 8 finale hints at more to come!

Trigonometry Main Cast

Trigonometry fans are already turning their attention to a possible second series.

BBC Two's Trigonometry is one of the most unique TV shows in years.

The series focuses on a polyamorous relationship between three people and explores the effects not only on those involved but their closest friends and family as well.

It's a touching series packed with plenty of heart, humour and lessons to learn.

Episodes 1 and 2 debuted on BBC Two on March 15th but all eight episodes also landed on BBC iPlayer. 

As a result, for fans who have binged their way through the series online, questions have started to emerge over whether the show could return for another batch of episodes.

Trigonometry on BBC Two

Trigonometry focuses on Kieran (Gary Carr) and Gemma (Thalissa Teixeira), a couple who are struggling hugely financially but have their lives turned upside down when their new lodger, Ray (Ariane Labed), turns out to be more than just a housemate.

There is no shortage of bumps in the road for the trio as they and come to terms with their unconventional relationship. 

Trigonometry main cast

Will there be a second series of Trigonometry?


At the time of writing, there has been no news regarding a second series of the BBC comedy-drama.

Of course, for BBC Two viewers, there are still plenty of episodes left to get through and the BBC big-wigs will want to make sure a second series will draw in enough audience members before commissioning a second series so it could be a few weeks before we learn anything about the fate of a second series.

*Spoilers ahead for Trigonometry series 1*

Trigonometry Main Cast

Series 1's finale leaves the door open for more

Fortunately for fans, the final episode in series 1, episode 8, does leave the door open for more.

Several story threads are left dangling and could well be tied up in a potential second series.

The biggest plotline that needs tying up from episode 8 is the fact that Gemma is now pregnant and it'd be fascinating to see how our three main characters would deal with becoming parents.

For BBC Two viewers, Trigonometry continues on Sunday evenings at 10pm on BBC Two until the final episode airs on April 26th while BBC iPlayer viewers can stream the whole series now.

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