What is the Kung Flu Meme? People on Twitter create iconic song trend!

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There's a Kung Flu meme circulating on Twitter now and people are obsessed.

Since the whole world has gone in self-isolation, people are trying to brighten up their days with funny trends.

From wash your hands' videos on TikTok to hilarious challenges, every person aims to create something useful and uplifting for others on social media. 

Following Donald Trump's recent comment calling the coronavirus a 'Chinese virus', many have come up with their own responses.

Others, however, are using his words to meme the hell-out of the American president's words. 

What is the Kung Flu meme?

The Kung Flu meme was created in response to Donald Trump referring to coronavirus as a 'Chinese' disease. 

And since his comment, many have taken to Twitter to share different images and videos, inspired by Carl Douglas' 1998 song 'Kung Fu Fighting'. 

'Kung Fu Fighting': Lyrics

The song's lyrics are: 

Everybody is Kung Fu fighting,

Your mind becomes fast as lightning

Although the future is a little bit frightening

(Little bit frightening)

It's the book of your life that you're writing

(Life that you're writing)

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Where do we know the iconic song from?

Many of you might remember that 'Kung Fu Fighting' is a soundtrack theme to Kung Fu Panda

The animated franchise is a favourite one when it comes to films about kung fu enthusiasts.

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