The before quarantine and after quarantine meme: here's how people react to self-isolation!

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Following the lockdown of many countries across the world, people have reacted with a new viral trend.

Reading the news is not the same now. 

Every website you open now is either about more countries going under a lockdown or others restricting the movement around their borders. Plus, we get bombarded with the latest updates on how the coronavirus pandemic will affect our lives in the coming months.

There are more people going into self-isolation and that has opened an opportunity for some to create before and after quarantine memes.

Before and after quarantine meme

The meme shows how one would look like before and after self-isolation for the next few weeks.

The viral trend sees some people looking slim and fit before the quarantine and gaining weight after that. 

Others use the same meme to show how bad they need the barber or getting their nails done after staying inside.

So, it's all about making some fun of the whole situation.

How are people reacting to before and after self-isolation

People have taken to Twitter to respond in a number of creative ways of being locked down at home. 

For instance, some are using the self-isolation period to sort their gardens, tidy up their clothes or polish up their pieces of jewelry. 

And overall, everyone is trying to stay positive and do something good about themselves and their homes.

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