Star Trek: Who is the USS Ibn Majid named after? Picard's classified cruiser sparks fan debate

Picard USS Ibn Majid

Picard has taken Star Trek back to its roots and is winning over fans, not least thanks to the tease of a new ship, the USS Ibn Majid.

Star Trek fans have always been immensely passionate about the franchise. 

Whether it's a new TV series, film or even the class of a new ship, debate is always ongoing among the Star Trek fanbase.

That's something that has only been intensified since the return of Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard in the Picard TV series. 

Not only have fans been met with more moral quandaries but the tease of a new ship in episode 8 has also sparked a huge amount of intrigue.

That ship is the USS Ibn Majid but what do we know about this classified cruiser?

The USS Ibn Majid in Picard

The USS Ibn Majid is referenced, or teased if you like, in episode 8 of Picard's first season, Broken Pieces.

We don't get a proper look at the ship itself, only a top-down diagram and its name and registration number but that's all fans needed to spark up a debate about the ship and its class.

Very few details have been revealed about the Ibn Majid as the ship and events surrounding it had been classified by Starfleet but thanks to Cris Rios we learn that the ship and its crew share a dark past.

Picard USS Ibn Majid

Who is the USS Ibn Majid named after?

The USS Ibn Majid is supposedly named after the 15th-century explorer Ahmad ibn Mājid.

Ahmad was born to a family famed for seafaring in the 1430s in the region we now know as the United Arab Emirates.

He rose to huge fame over the course of his life as a renowned explorer and cartographer and wrote several books that helped other sailors find their way across the seas.

Ahmad ibn Mājid's notoriety even earned him the nicknames 'The Lion of the Sea' and 'The Shooting Star,' the latter of which is rather apt for Star Trek.    

Ahmad Ibn Majid Wikipedia

Fans debate the ship's technical details

Even though all we see of the Ibn Majid in Picard is a top-down diagram, fans have been hotly debating just what type of ship it is.

Many have speculated that the Ibn Majid is an Emmet Till-type ship, similar to the one we see in the Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind.

However, Star Trek screenwriter Michael Chabon revealed on his Instagram account following the episode that the ship is, in fact, a Curiosity-class cruiser.

Fans will no doubt be hoping we learn more about the USS Ibn Majid in the final two episodes of Picard's first season which air on Amazon Prime Video here in the UK on March 19th and 26th respectively.

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