As people are urged to socially isolate themselves, have Morrison’s closed their cafes?

Uncertainty across the United Kingdom has caused many businesses to close their doors because the customer base simply isn’t there.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson released a government statement stopping short of forcing people to stay indoors but urging them to socially isolate.

The public were encouraged to avoid pubs, clubs and other social venues, which has left people with questions about their social lives and what they can and can’t do.

Public spaces such as coffee shops haven’t been forced to close but the likes of Costa are now operating simply as a takeaway service, closing their seating areas.

Social distancing means staying indoors for long period – often alone – and some people will want to stretch their legs and grab themselves their favourite hot drink.

That means many will wonder whether supermarket chain Morrison’s have closed the doors of their cafes given the current climate…

Are Morrisons Cafes still open?


The Sun reported on Wednesday that Asda and Sainsbury’s have closed their cafes down but Tesco and Morrison’s have not done the same as of yet.

Customers on Twitter posted accounts of visiting Morrison’s cafes and sitting down to eat and drink as usual on Thursday despite Mr Johnson’s message for people to stay in wherever possible.

Morrison’s put out two tweets regarding the medical crisis on their official Twitter account, but neither made any mention of closure or partial closure to their cafes.

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Business as usual?

In that statement, Morrison’s made it clear that they are doing all they can to make their stories a ‘clean, safe place’ for the public to shop in these testing times.

It is understandable that the public need access to their essential food shopping and that should continue to be the case no matter what further measures Mr Johnson introduces.

Social distancing is incredibly important at present and perhaps some people will be surprised that Morrison’s look to be keeping open seating areas where people will mix in the current climate.

The current situation looks to be changing all the time and perhaps Morrison’s will issue another Twitter statement in due course relating to their cafes.