Who plays Darnell in All American season 2? Follow the actor on Instagram!

All American

The cast is all brilliant, but who plays Darnell in All American season 2?

Although a number of films have experienced delays, there's still plenty of great television to dig into. 

You often hear people argue that we're living in the golden age of TV, and reflecting on the last few years it becomes pretty impossible to disagree with such a statement. 

Streaming services continue to step up their game and deliver amazing new shows, but for most, the anticipation is always more intense for new seasons rather than new titles. 

One audiences have expressed a particular fondness for over the last couple of years is All American. This American sports drama series created by April Blair first arrived in the tail-end of 2018 and immediately earned a strong following, engaging viewers in the story of an American football player. 

It boasts a sensational cast, but at the moment, fans are particularly attentive to Darnell... 

All American

Who plays Darnell in All American season 2?

Darnell is played by Da'Vinchi in All American season 2.

The South Crenshaw quarterback was offered to live with Grace after Corey died and has become somewhat of a fan-favourite. 

As for the actor, his real name is Abraham D. Juste, and as well as being a performer on the screen, he's also known as an influencer, model and spoken word rapper. 

He hails from the coast, and although his exact age isn't known, he's roughly 24-years-old, with Sesi Magazine reporting that he was 22 in 2018. 

Fans have become swiftly obsessed with him in season 2, and many audiences have flocked to Twitter to offer their praise of both the actor and character. 

Check out a selection of tweets:






Da'Vinchi: Movies & TV

According to IMDb, Da'Vinchi first appeared on screens back in 2018 in an episode of Marvel series Jessica Jones (he played Eric) starring Krysten Ritter. 

It was a busy year, as he also appeared in the TV adaptation of Lethal Weapon (Dylan) in one episode alongside Damon Wayans. However, the biggest role he landed that year was Cash Mooney in Grown-ish, a spin-off of ABC's Black-ish

He reprised the role throughout the year and into 2019, the year which saw him cast in the inventive superhero series The Boys (Anthony) over on Amazon.

This year, he also landed the part of Devon Childress in Gavin O'Connor's The Way Back. The director previously helmed 2011's Warrior and the film stars Ben Affleck (Gone Girl) as Jack Cunningham, a man whose glory days of high school basketball are long behind him. 

However, he's given a second chance when offered to coach the team he once walked away from. 

Image has been converted to black and white.) Da'Vinchi attends the premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' Image has been converted to black and white.) Da'Vinchi attends the premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' " The Way Back" at Regal LA Live on March 01, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

Follow Da'Vinchi on Instagram

If you're a fan of Da'Vinchi's work, be sure to follow him on Instagram

You can find him over at @davinchi; he currently has a whopping 224k followers. He recently posted promoting that All American has reached Netflix and there are a number of posts - both work-related and otherwise - to scroll through. 

Similarly, you can follow him on Twitter over at @daVinchijuste

We hope you enjoy the season!

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