With the 2020 sporting calendar in chaos, it’s no surprise that customers are looking for refunds or discounts on Sky Sports subscriptions.

After promising big things in 2020, the world of sport has been decimated in recent weeks with sporting events being postponed or cancelled left, right and centre as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

To keep sports stars and fans as safe as possible, almost all sporting events across the world are no longer going ahead.

This includes the likes of Premier League and EFL football as well as PGA Tour golf and even motorsports such as Formula 1.

All of these sporting events were due to be broadcast on Sky Sports in the UK but now the TV schedule is full of nothing but re-runs.

Understandably, this has left many asking whether Sky Sports customers, whether directly through Sky or via the likes of Virgin Media, will be eligible for a refund or discount as a result of the sporting blackout.

Customers demanding Sky Sports refund

With no sport on offer, it’s hardly surprising to learn that Sky Sports customers are demanding a discount or a refund for the lost sporting action.

On Now TV, a monthly Sky Sports pass costs £33.99 while on Virgin and Sky TV, that figure can be much higher when combined with other TV and internet packages. 

As a result, fans are set to lose out on a lot of money due to the impact on the sporting calendar.

Unfortunately, neither Sky or Virgin have confirmed that refunds or discounts will be offered to customers at the time of writing. 

A solution from Sky

While they’re not offering a full refund or discount, Sky are offering customers the ability to pause their Sky Sports subscriptions until the live sporting events resume, whenever that may be.

This means that fans will not be charged for Sky Sports while there is no live sporting action to show. Sky customers will have to contact Sky directly over the phone to pause their subscription.

However, it is not clear whether Virgin Media customers will be eligible for a similar type of deal as Virgin Media themselves act as a middle-man between Sky and Virgin customers. 

Where this leaves Virgin customers

Unfortunately, this leaves Virgin Media customers somewhat in the lurch as it’s understood that, at the time of writing, they won’t be refunded for any lost sporting action and it’s unclear whether Virgin will allow viewers to pause their subscriptions.

Most Virgin customers who have spoken out on social media or forums appear to be cancelling their sports subscriptions outright and changing to a lower package but this also involves a 30-day notice period before the package is changed over.

Virgin Media customers can visit the provider’s website for more details.